Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Says Who?

OK, I am hearing nothing but, "Christine O'Donnell can't win" in Delaware. She can't win, she can't win, she can't win...blah, blah, blah ad infinitum.

Says who? The "experts"? The "experts" only go off of what they've seen in the past. And the tectonic shift in the political world is, quite possibly, like nothing that this country has ever seen.

For the past 100 years "progressivism" (aka Communism) has been taking over this country in baby steps, occasionally making headlines, but nothing like the daily barrage of destruction that this country is seeing today. The extreme left has taken over the Democrat Party and has gone "all in" with Obama/Reid/Pelosi. They have abandoned subtlety and pounded their agenda down America's throat with a sledgehammer.

And America is horrified.

As long as the Left stuck to the "boiling frog" tactic of slowly advancing their agenda, not enough people noticed at one time to put up any resistance. But now that huge numbers of people see what Socialism really is, they want no part of it.

And, hopefully, that includes a majority of the voters in Delaware.

Can Christine O'Donnell win in Delaware? I think that it is at least very possible, if not likely.

The rules have changed amazingly fast. And we've entered an era of politics in America that is unlike anything we've ever seen.

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