Saturday, September 04, 2010

Will they ever learn?

OK, we'll try to get through again.

All of you fools who voted for Obama, and are now having "buyers remorse", are howling like coyotes about the present state of the union. Really...what did you morons expect? Did you really not think that "hope & change", coming from an extreme left-wing "black liberation", "social justice", Marxist would get us anywhere other than where we are now? fools have no idea what any of those phrases mean, do you? Not a clue. Maybe you should Google them, instead of "Paris Hilton".

Personally, I'd feel like a complete idiot if I had voted for a guy who's record was out there, but that I hadn't bothered to look into, and then started bitching about how horrible he was.

If you can't find the time to look into anyone beyond what you see on the nightly news, you really shouldn't be voting. You're ignorance has made my daughter's chance at a decent life pretty slim. She'll be paying for your decision to vote for Obama because he's "black" (hah!) or he's "cute" or because he "speaks well" (he doesn't speak well...he makes appropriate facial gestures related to what he's reading on the teleprompter).

Really: if you feel a need to vote, stick with "American Idol". It's only your "civic duty" to vote if you know what you're voting for.

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