Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here We Come

Congratulations to Christine O'Donnell for tearing down Castle in Delaware.

The despicable behavior of the GOP elitist establishment there shows that, by using liberal scorched-earth tactics against O'Donnell, they are nothing more than quasi-liberal elitists themselves.

They did the same thing that liberals do when they feel their power threatened: they try to destroy the person on a personal level.

The GOP elite in Delaware, and nationally, have become nothing more than elitist snobs who believe that they are entitled to their power. They are acting like liberals/six-year-olds because they know that a very significant part of the party will no longer hold their noses and vote for whomever the GOP anoints. Bob Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain have shown us what happens when we do that, and we're having no more of it.

The Conservatives are ascendant in the party, and it scares the Hell out of the elites in the GOP. As well it should: Their reign of foolishness is just about over, and we're coming for them, next.

After this election, we have about a year to oust them before the 2012 campaign starts. Then maybe we can get a real Conservative to run for a change. Remember: that hasn't happened since 1984.

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