Monday, July 17, 2006

Stop Being a Pain!

What the hell is wrong with these damned Jews? Why won't they just go quietly and let themselves be exterminated? After all, they went quietly for Hitler! Why do they have to be so belligerent now?

Especially when you consider that the Muslims have left-wing minority/victim status. Oh, I know that there are 500 million Muslims against 6 million Jews in the Mideast, but it's just plain racism! They let themselves be killed by the millions when it was a white, European guy who was killing them, but when it's a "person of color" like the Muslims, they actually fight back!

Besides, as long as we on the Left believe in your cause, you can be a majority and still be a minority/victim group. Just ask the women in America.

That is truly what the Left believes should happen. Jaques Chirac, Vladimir Purin, the vast majority of the UN and all of the rest of the Left think that it's downright rude of the Jews to actually defend themselves! They're hurting the self-esteem of the Muslims, for Allah's sake!

After all, I'm sure that these peace-loving Muslims don't really mean it when they say that they want to "wipe the Jews off the face of the earth", or "annihilate The Zionists" It's just rhetoric!

(I actually heard not one, but two liberals say that on the radio after I wrote that! They don't believe anyone could possibly be that evil. Well, except for Conservatives.)

Not only do the Jews have tha audacity to be Jewish, but they blatantly live in a Democracy! And wherever there is a Democracy, there is that much less of a chance for their Communist Utopia. And if Israel kicks Hezbollah and Syria out of Lebanon. well, there's another Democracy!

Not to mention the one that's budding next door in Iraq! This Democracy thing is getting out of hand! It's no wonder the Left is in such a panic.

So what are the Israelis supposed to do? Why, sit down and negotiate, of course. Well, here's a sample of what the negotiations will be like:

Muqtar: "If you promise to cease all resistance and commit suicide, we will stop trying to kill you."

Moshe: "That is not acceptable."

Muqtar: "Death to the Jew!!! Death to the infidel!!! Death, death, death!!!"

What does Israel have to lose? Only their very existence.

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