Monday, July 17, 2006

Let's Make a Deal

Does somebody want to give me an example of negotiations ever stopping a war and averting more bloodshed?

I may not be a history major, but I know more than most. Let's take only the wars that America has been involved in for example.

  • The Revolution? Nope, had to defeat the British.
  • War of 1812? Nope, had to defeat the British. Again.
  • Civil War? Nope, had to defeat the Confederates.
  • Spanish-American war? Had to defeat them, too.
  • WW I? Defeated them.
  • WW II? Ditto.
  • Korea? Negotiated an armistice, but only because Korea and a billion Chinese were arrayed against us and we didn't commit completely. Technically, that war never ended and is still in cease-fire mode today. And how many have died in North Korea since then?
  • Vietnam? The firsy politically correct war. The only reason that we didn't crush the North Vietnamese (i.e. "defeated" them) was because our troops' hands were tied by the politicians. And 1 million dead Vietnamese, and the refugees created by rhe Communist takeover after we bailed out, will tell you that negotiating an end to the conflict certainly didn't avert more bloodshed.
  • Grenada? Not much of a war, but defeated them.
  • Gulf War? Stomped on them and defeated them.
  • Iraq war? Defeated the Iraqi army. In the process of defeating the leftovers and fanatics.
  • Does anyone see a trend here?

    These wars were between secular governments, and they only negotiated after one side was defeated (there's that "D" word again!). What makes the Left think that there's the slightest chance that negotiations would work when dealing with absolute religious fanatics who haven't been defeated yet?

    As usual, they haven't thought about it. It just sounds right, so it has to be right. Right?

    Only if you're an emotional child with no ability to actually think.

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