Sunday, July 09, 2006

Same as it Ever Was...

Consider the Left of today.

The absolute, vicious hatred of those who disgree with them.

Their paranoia and conspiracy-theories.

Their complete obsession with power at all costs.

Their easy willingness to destroy their ideological opponents; personally, if not (yet) physically.

Does any of that sound familiar? Draw it all out to it's logical conclusion, and you have Stalin's Soviet Union.

Read some of the Left-wing blogs and tell me if you think these people are any different than the ones who murdered tens-of-millions of their fellow countrymen for no other reason than they threatened their power or disagreed with them.

There is only one difference, and that is the fact that those on the Left today are absolutely gutless. And that is the one thing that is saving us from an actual civil-war in this country. They are vicious only when there is absolutely no physical threat to them. Courage to them is going on a talk-show in front of millions of people and whining about "Bush's" infringement of their free speech (and not seeing how stupid that is).

If they thought that they could win an actual physical conflict, they wouldn't hesitiate.

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