Thursday, July 13, 2006

Isn't This Obvious?

I have some free advice for the Palestinians, and others who have vowed to destroy Israel, who whine when their women and children are killed because Israel is targeting the terrorists in their midst:


If, as is so often stated, these terrorists are such a small percentage of the population, you vastly outnumber them and can keep them away. If you really want to.

Don't allow them in your country. Don't allow them in your city. Don't allow them in your neighborhood. And certainly don't let them use your house for their meetings, which is what happened in the last Israeli attack. If your women and children die because you won't keep them away, don't whine. You get what you deserve.

If you ask nicely and they won't stay away, kill them. You can always say that they were defiling the Muslim religion. If that's really what you believe.

These people are intentionally targeting and killing innocent Israeli citizens. What do you expect Israel to do? Just let these terrorists in your midst comtinue killing them with no repercussions? Do you expect them to not get pissed-off and hunt these animals down?

And when the Israeli's do find and kill these pigs, if they are not in your midst, your women and children won't be harmed, will they?

Unless, of course, you agree with the terrorists.

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