Thursday, June 29, 2006

Uhh...What Was the Question?

Yesterday on Michael Medved's radio show, J.D. Hayworth was the substitute host while Michael was on vacation.

Mr. Hayworth asked a simple question: what could the Democrat Party do to become a strong, legitimate party again, instead of the left-wing, conspiracy-theory party that stands for nothing more than "we hate Bush!"? He then opened up the phone lines for Democrats to call in and answer the question.

For an entire hour, caller after caller did what Democrats do: they attacked Bush and Conservatives in general, and spoke about what was "wrong" with Republicans.

Not one of them came close to answering the question. The fascinating part is that I got the distinct impression that they thought they were answering the question!

Today on Mr. Medved's show, Michael had on a guy named Bob Kunst, who runs a website devoted to (what else?) Hillary running for President.

During the conversation, Mr. Kunst, almost in passing, alluded to the "fact" that President Bush was responsible for the deaths of 2 million Americans because he didn't "fix" the health care system in this country.

Michael stopped the nutjob and asked him, "What orifice did you pull that number out of?"

Mr. Kunst said something to the effect of, "Well that's the figure that's out there."

Michael asked him, again, where he had gotten that number.

Mr. Kunst said that "100,000 people a year die" because George Bush didn't lie down and implement "Hillarycare".

Michael asked him where he got that number, whereupon the subject was, as usual, changed until they had to go to a commercial break.

As with the callers the day before, I didn't get the feeling that Mr. Kunst was avoiding the question. I think that he thought that he was answering it! He was confused. He didn't understand the question.

It's like someone asking you "what color is blue?" To him the "fact" that Bush's policies "killed" 2,000,000 people was self-evident. That is what the number is. Blue is blue and Bush killed 2 million people. Duh!

In other words, it's the number that has been repeated to him a thousand times by his fellows on the anti-Bush Left and, therefore, it is as true as any law of nature.

It's just more evidence of their groupthink. More evidence of their hive mentality. More evidence that they have completely lost the ability to debate, because they've lost the ability to think independently. More evidence that, though some of them may be intelligent, none of them have used that intelligence to learn how to think.

In their world, independent thinking is frowned upon. It's not just that if one thinks independently he may commit an embarrasing faux pas, but it's actually dangerous in their world (witness Larry Summers of Harvard).

A person could be banished from the collective. And they can think of nothing worse.

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