Sunday, May 28, 2017

Race War? I'm Your Huckleberry

There are many, many blacks and members of the Left who are outright calling for a race war nowadays. These people are mentally ill and delusional.

To begin with, there are 300 million legally owned guns in this country. The vast, vast majority of them are owned by white guys (and gals) who actually know how to use them.

Shooting is a skill. It takes a lot of practice to become even halfway decent at it. One of the shooting ranges that I go to is on the fringes of North Minneapolis, which is Representative Keith Ellison's Congressional district. In other words, it's an overwhelmingly black part of town. And yet, I have never seen a black person shooting there. Or at any other range, for that matter. In other words, the vast majority of the black thugs who want this race war don't even know how to use their firearms.

And their firearms consist mostly of crappy, cheap handguns that are ineffective beyond about 15 yards. And that's if you know how to shoot (see above). I can shoot a 3-inch group with my SIG SAUER P320 from 15 yards. Not great, but it will do. Meanwhile, with their lack of training and shitty hardware, these black thugs couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside.

Add to that the fact that with my "worst" rifle I can hit a deer at 300 yards, and their 10 yard "range of death" seems pretty insignificant. And, again, even the few who do have rifles don't know how to use them because they've never practiced. North Minneapolis is a ghetto shithole and there really aren't any wide open spaces to practice your marksmanship.

Of course, not all white people are proficient with firearms. The Leftists especially are terrified of the very thought of guns. But many, many of us are - and we're teaching others to be proficient, too. I gave my daughter her first pistol when she passed her gun safety course at 12 years old. A Ruger Mark III Target in stainless steel with a bull barrel and rosewood grips. It is truly a thing of beauty and, with more practice, she'll be out-shooting me before long.

But even if you only count us gun "enthusiasts" who own the vast majority of those 300 million guns, the math just doesn't add up for the blacks who want a race war.

Black males are 6% of the population. Those of fighting age are, maybe, 4%, probably less.

White males are about 35% of the population. Those of fighting age are - being charitable to the blacks - maybe 25%.

So, assuming that the population of The United States is 350 million, let's do the math.

350^6 x .04 = 14 million

350^6 x .25 = 87.5 million

And, yet, these delusional morons think that they have a chance of winning a race war with a 6.25 to 1 disadvantage. Factor in all of the things that I wrote about above about preparedness and hardware, and you see just how insane this is.

But wait! I had a black guy tell me the other night that it wouldn't be just the gangbangers out there fighting. The military is largely black and, therefore, combat trained. Yeah? Have you ever noticed while watching news footage or documentaries or YouTube videos of actual combat, that there are almost zero black people doing the actual fighting? Most people probably haven't noticed it before, but seriously: watch some videos. Black people are almost never in combat positions. They are, for whatever reason, almost always in support roles behind the lines. So, at best, they have basic training. Big whoop. My weapons training and the bar fights I got into when I was younger make me much more deadly than anyone with basic training.

In addition, these black "warriors" seem to think that they'll be fighting Phil from the Accounting Department. The reality is that they'll be fighting the cowboys, the "rednecks", the bikers, the hunters and the just-plain-pissed-off suburbanites (I would fit into the suburbanite and biker categories, though I have no affiliation). Which is hilarious, because if there is anything that immediately terrifies a black man, it's a biker. Black guys may mouth off to a cop, but they will rarely offend a white guy in black leather with a bike.

The thing is, I keep hearing about some impending civil war. The Left against the Right. It would be a war in the sense that the first Iraq war was a "war". It was over in a week. The Iraqis were out-manned, out-classed, out-trained and we had vastly better hardware.

The Left, racists that they are, will send out their blacks as cannon fodder. And they would be wiped out. After that, the "war" would be over. The Left's reserve forces* - the only ones who aren't complete pussies - are the Anarchist crowd. And these spoiled, little rich kids are even less prepared than the blacks. They act tough when they know that nothing serious is going to happen to them, but they certainly won't take a bullet - or even a severe beating - for their "cause".

That would leave the Academics, the Hollywood set, the Broadway theater folks, the journalists, the rich elitists and your basic "Pajama Boy" to keep up the fight.

*I've left the Hispanics out of this because I believe that they wouldn't be fighting on behalf of the Left, wittingly or unwittingly, like the blacks would be. The Hispanic population would either stay out of it or, seeing which way the wind was blowing, actually become the "enemy of my enemy". Hispanics and blacks have their own racial animus.

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