Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post Election Thoughts

It's hilarious that the Leftist Democrats are shocked that the polls didn't foresee Trump winning.

If you call a candidate Hitler for 18 months straight, don't be surprised that people didn't admit to pollsters that they were going to vote for "Hitler".


It's wonderful that the sleazebags that gave hundreds-of-millions of dollars to the Clintons, expecting favors in return, are now going to get nothing!


It's amazing that everyone thinks that all of the nastiness is over now that the election is over.

Get ready for four years of shrieking, hysterical attacks on Trump by the Leftist Democrats.


Hillary Clinton will never be The President of the United States of America.

Typing that was almost better than sex.


I was never a big Trump fan, but I voted for him just so that I could see the ultimate prize ripped from the talons of the psychopathic, deplorable (heh), power-mad, horrible, disgusting human being known as Hillary.

The Schadenfreude of that was incredible.


If the Democrats were smart, which they're not, they'd use this opportunity to purge their party of the Clintons and their crime family. Exile them to Kansas for the damage that they've done to the Democrat brand for the past 30 years.

The Democrats won't do that, of course. Because these people who love calling everyone else "greedy", can still use the Clintons to raise money from the fools who still like them.


I'll be curious to see if Trump actually does try to prosecute her and the rest of The Family.

It would go a long way to restoring the idea of one set of laws for all people in this country.

Related to the above, I'm wondering if The Clintons will suddenly decide to relocate to another country without an extradition treaty with the United States.

There have been rumors that they transferred $1 billion to Qatar for unknown reasons, but I'm not sure how much stake I put into those reports.

Personally, I'd suggest that they go to Guyana and bring their cult followers with them. Free Kool-Aid for everyone!


Wisconsin has a voter ID requirement in place to prevent voter fraud. Wisconsin, against all expectations, went "red" for the first time in forever. Anyone else see a connection?

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