Friday, July 15, 2016

Progressives of a Different Stripe

A Progressive by any other name, would smell as foul.

And that is what the Muslim jihadis are: just another form of Progressive.

"Progress" to a knowing Progressive (i.e. not the rank-and-file "useful idiot" but the Progressive masters) means moving the world from impure Socialism to the Utopian ideal of Communism.

The Muslims are doing the same thing, except that they are trying to move the world from it's present impure state to the Utopian ideal of a world wide Caliphate.

There is a reason that Progressivism and Muslim radicalism go hand-in-hand and seem so similar: they are parallel movements, both of which are aiming for their version of "Utopia".

I sometimes wonder what will happen if they both get to a point close to attaining the Utopias that they're aiming for. They cooperate now, but they wold be forced to fight it out.

My bet would be on the Commies: 150 million dead within 100 years will be a hard body count to beat. The Muslim savages have an impressive body count themselves, but they're also inbred, low IQ throwback to the 8th century.

The best scenario would be to destroy both movements and live like civilized human beings.

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