Friday, July 01, 2016

Why Leftists Are Who They Are

I've touched on this many times in the past, but it can't hurt to bring it together in one post.

Show me a picture of a person and tell me their name, and I can almost always tell you whether they're a Leftist or not.

Leftist are the people from school who were the misfits, the dorks, the geeks. Some of them were picked on, some of them just never had their existence acknowledged and spent every Saturday night in their bedrooms, alone. They were so traumatized by their societal ostracism that they became obsessive about it. They hated the "normal" and "popular" kids because they had what the Leftists wanted but could never have: friends and a real social life. Normal, friendly interaction with their peers and the fun that goes along with it.

So all you have to do to tell whether someone is likely a Lefty is to look a them and try to imagine them when they were kids. For example, imagine what this thing went through in school:

You won't be surprised to find that she is a "Social Justice Warrior"now that she's aged (NOT grown up).

Or this guy:

I guarantee you that he was one of those really unpleasant misfits that nobody wanted to be near. He was the one who went out of his way to annoy people and then resented them for not seeing his brilliance. And, with a name like "Kuntzman", you just know that he was tortured mercilessly for his entire school career. 

Because that's another part of it: people with names that can be easily made fun of seem to be Leftists much more often than not.

It doesn't always work. Hollywood Leftists are often good-looking people who were probably pretty popular in school. But many of them are gay, whether out or not, and most of them, coming from the "arts" community have had the "gays are special" and Leftist propaganda hammered into them from their first theater class in middle school.

However, for the most part my theory works to perfection. Fore the most part, those who become Leftists are the ones who were far outside of the mainstream as children.

It explains their obsession with "bullying'.

It explains their hatred of normal people.

It explains their hatred of the society in which they live.

They hated all of these things when they were children, and they have never, emotionally, gone beyond that stage.

The only difference now is that they have finally gotten out of school and have found other emotionally-stunted people to band together with. They finally found a social group and will do anything to not be cast out, ever again! And they have enough people who are just like them - people who control the media, education and entertainment information outlets - to have a great impact on society.

And they are out for revenge.

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