Monday, September 10, 2007

There's No Such Thing As a Dumb Question...

Unless you're listening to Democrat politicians grandstanding to their moronic, extremist supporters during a hearing in Congress. And, judging by the questions put to General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker today, the Democrat politicians aren't much more intelligent.

I would sell my soul to, just once, see someone being interrogated by the likes of Loretta Sanchez, Teddy Kennedy or Barbara Boxer say, "That's a stupid question. Why don't you quit playing to the Kos Kids so that we can get on with this serious business at hand?".

The shrieks of self-righteous, arrogant outrage would be music to the ears of Conservatives, Republicans and, I'm sure, a huge portion of middle America. I guarantee you that the general reaction would be, "It's about time!" The reason that the approval ratings of Congress are so low is that they are seen as arrogant rulers who are not to be questioned by anyone whom they deem to be "beneath" them.

The beauty of it would be that it would be just too juicy for the 24/7 news networks not to play over and over again, showing these people for exactly who they are.

Of course, that person would never be confirmed to anything by the ruling party, but so what? Some day the administration should put somebody up for some confirmation (Attorney General?) who doesn't care whether they get the job or not, just to make that statement.

It'll never happen, of course. It doesn't matter how vicious, insulting and nasty the Democrats get, the Republicans just refuse to play hardball - or even to point out their nastiness. They just sit there and pretend that their honor hasn't just been insulted. They just answer the question.

The Democrats in Congress are no different than the Democrats in the "real world": they are children. And, when they aren't called on their childish behavior, they smirkingly feel like they just got away with something. If, some day, Republicans had the nerve to point out their childishness, the resulting ugly tantrum that they'd throw would be invaluable for showing people just whom they are voting for.

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