Monday, September 10, 2007

Bumper Sticker Party

Many years before John Edwards called the War on Terror a "bumper sticker war" I noticed that if the car in front of you was covered in bumper stickers, nine-out-of-ten times they were Lefty slogans.

And, more often or not, they were on rusty, old pieces of junk belching out blue smoke into our fragile atmosphere. Maybe not as much as Al Gore's Lear jet trips, but the stupidity and/or blindness to their own hypocrisy is the same.

For lack of anything better to do, and simple curiosity, I did an image search on Yahoo! for "bumper sticker". It was really no surprise when I found that almost every one that had anything to do with politics was from the Leftist point of view:

It's no surprise. As I've always said, for all of their talk of being the "intellectual elite", the vast majority of those on the Left are too stupid to realize how stupid they are. Any argument much beyond "Cheney is Satan" immediately confuses them.

It's the reason that they have no ideas. It's the reason that any "debate" with them shortly turns into sneering false-condescension (born of their insecurity) and personal insults on their part.

It's possible that some of them are actually somewhat intelligent...but they don't know how to
think. And the two things are not the same.

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