Friday, December 02, 2005

The Random Muse

  • Global warming won’t destroy the earth. It will just make it different. It’s been going on for billions of years. Only the arrogance and paranoia of the Left allows them to think that it’s the actions of their political enemies that is causing it this time.
  • The Left isn’t against religion. They just don’t want to see it, hear about it or be forced to acknowledge its existence.
  • When in God’s name is FOX news going to get rid of Greta von Cistern and her "victim of the day" hour?
  • Isn't it ironic that the Left declares Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo "torture" sites for nothing more than playing "naked Twister" or touching the Islamic Book of Hatred without gloves, while their comrades raped, tortured and murdered hundreds of millions of people?
  • Isn’t it funny that there isn’t one person in this country who hates America? Not one. Even if you say it about somebody who is actively undermining America, they’ll take offense tell you that they “love this country”. Here’s the giveaway, though: they hardly ever say, “I love America”. It’s almost always, “this country”.
  • One reason that the left hated Ronald Reagan so much is that we were supposed to hate ourselves forever after we left Vietnam, and he interrupted that. They had to wait for 15 years after he left office before there was another major war so that they could get it all started again. Why do you think that they want us to surrender in Iraq and pull our troops out?

    1. Some great points. I especially love the one about Greta's show. It is the main program on fox news that I don't like and somehow I don't get around to watching TV until around 9:00 so she's always on, ugh!! I was disappointed when Rita Cosby moved to MSNBC. I would've rather seen Greta move and Rita take over her slot. It irritates me that Greta gets such high ratings because you know it is only because she's on Fox News. I really would love to see Nancy Grace replace her and Greta could switch to CNN. I think that would be a much better fit.

    2. Greta is there , like Colmes, as a counterbalance so Fox can state that they are "balanced. I can't look at the viperlike face of Colmes, or put up with the loud arguing so I pass on one of my favorites, Hannity, and instead catch him on the radio from WABC which comes in quite well here.

      Same with Greta. I give her liberal face, slanted as it is, a pass.

      Rita got a bit too big for her britches, (figuratively and literally) and got very demanding
      (from TV Shoptalk) and wisely was contractually bought out at Fox.

      She has a Geraldo-like way of a piercing interviewer who puts words in interviewee's mouths and sensationalizes far beyond the facts that she has at hand. Her and Matthews would make a good pair.

      In Fact, I'd like Geraldo to move to MSNBC as well.

      My Take: Put Jackie Mason on in place of Greta. They'd have even larger ratings, and we'd have a decent comedy/politcal show at that time. Jackie's far too good for ComCast cable.

    3. ...they hardly ever say, “I love America”. It’s almost always, “this country”.

      Now, that you mention it - that's exactly what I've noticed too.

      Have you noticed that Fox's lefties are all ugly like Colmes and Greta? And I don't mean plain - I mean kind of twisted ugly. I think they deliberately pick ugly lefties. Ha ha.

    4. ALan Colmes - "The Screeching Skull of Liberalism"

      I can't take credit for it but the title has stuck with me for two years now. What a visual image!

    5. Exile,
      Just letting you know how much I enjoy your random musings.

    6. Janette,
      Ever noticed that Alan Colmes looks like some kind of space freak?

    7. Redneck, it's not hard to find ugly liberals. Even the ones who could be attractive are made ugly by their pinched-face hatred.

      Thanks, AOW, I'm glad you enjoy them.

      And it's funny: I had a boss who said that exact same thing. His theory was that all liberals were space aliens. "Just look at Alan Colmes", he'd say.

    8. Personally, I don't watch Fox, being a lefty and all - but I do like their business shows on Saturday shows - Cavuto on Business, Cashin In and Forbes on Fox are interesting shows to watch.

      I happen to like Greta but ya'll can keep Geraldo LOL. I haven't liked him since hid did that special on Al Capone secret chamber - that was empty.

      I think Alan Colmes is too much of a lightweight to be on stage with Sean Hannity. I would like to see him partnered with Phil Donahue. Phil has more fire and isn't an apologetic Liberal which Alan seems to be. Alan doesn't seem to have the spirit for debate and Hannity ends up overpowering him in their exchanges. I watched Fox when it first aired but after about a year grew tired of it.

      I stick to newspapers.