Saturday, December 03, 2005

Finish the Caption

When guns are outlawed...
(Tip o' the hat to Born Again Redneck)


  1. I thought you might enjoy knowing that you and I along with Phantom, Gayle and ABFreedom made a liberal's post of blogs that are considered beyond reason. I stumbled acrossed it when I was on the technorati website. Here is the link although it may not be worth your time:

  2. Thanks, LMC.

    I'll get right over there and start poking them with a stick through the bars of their cage.

    I love doing that.

  3. Thanks again for the tip, LMC. It's not often that you get to follow a troll back to its lair.

    He's actually mentioned me a couple of times lately. I, of course, replied. Let's see if the weenie has the guts to post the comments.

    Go back and read his blog. This guy is absolutely obsessed with watching TV. It's apparently his only friend. And he doesn't watch anything where he might actually learn anything; he watches the usual broadcast TV drivel like American Idol and NBC's lineup.

    And, like any liberal, he has nothing good to say about anyone or anything. He calls me "hateful and bitter" and then goes on to absolutely savage the contestants on American Idol (which is fine with me. If there were no contestants, I wouldn't have to hear about it anymore).

    Thanks again, LMC. This little twit thinks that he can show up when he wants to and spew his garbage without answering for it. Now he has no choice but to answer it on his own blog or delete my comments. You don't know how precious that is to me. I'd hug ya if I could.

  4. Ack! I'm starting to feel like a Trollus OneMoreThingus!

    Your link got cut off. Here's one that works if anyone cares to go to Mr. Sorenson's blog:

    A Day in the Life

  5. Exile: You're welcome :-). I had to laugh because when I first saw that he had mentioned my blog in a derogatory manner I was interested to see what he would criticize. I figured he would try to tear apart my defense of the war or my support of Tom Delay, etc... But instead he says I am way out there because I like Sean Hannity & Ann Coulter. Millions of people like them and listen to them so it was very amusing to me. Then I did take the time to look at his blog a little and noticed that he had Michael Moore as one of his links. That was all I needed to see to know who I was dealing with. Very amusing.

    The other thing was that being lumped in with you, Gayle, ABFreedom, and Phantom I took as a compliment.

  6. I went and read that troll's response to your comments and thought they were amazingly weak. For someone who had the audacity to do a whole post lambasting our blogs I thought he could come up with something better.

  7. This is almost as good as all those rodents with guns Jimmy B. posts over on the Conservative UAW Guy.