Monday, June 13, 2016

The Real Damage of Obama

Most Conservatives believe that President Brobama's constant thwarting of the Constitution is a huge danger to this country, and they're right. It is a very real danger and his executive orders and constant bypassing of the Constitution and Congress are creating very lasting damage to this country.

However, I believe the far larger problem is this: all of the other politicians are watching him and saying, "Holy Shit! Look at what this guy is getting away with! And almost nobody cares! Hardly anyone even knows about what he's doing or even that it is fucking illegal! If we would have known this years ago, just think of what we could have done! We could have done almost anything and nobody would have done shit about it!"

In fact, I believe that that is exactly what happened to the Republican Party. Before 2008, the GOP elitists at least pretended to care about what the Conservative members of the party thought. Once Obonga showed them that they didn't have to care because the vast majority of people weren't really paying attention, they just let loose their inner Progressive and did whatever the Hell they wanted to. When the Conservatives raised a stink about it, they again took a page from Obama and attacked them in the press, making Conservatives out to be unenlightened knuckle-draggers

Most Conservative pundits decry the influence of lobbyists and big-money donors (e.g. the  US Chamber of Commerrce) but, while true, those groups have always been there. What's changed is that the GOP elitists have learned that they don't have to worry about anyone stopping their gravy train! It ain't gonna happen.

Unfortunately, when they smirk and sneer at the hicks in flyover country, they are mostly correct about those hicks. The vast majority of said hicks aren't going to actually do anything to stop them. And those that try, will be smeared in the press until they're silenced. The GOPe have learned well from their Democrat brethren and friends.

And, if that isn't bad enough, just imagine what Hillary or Bernie will do with that knowledge. Or what happens when the Democrats regain control of either wing of Congress. Or both. They have learned that there is nothing stopping them from implementing their complete Socialist agenda because almost nobody cares enough to stop them. In a country of 320 million people, there are, perhaps 20 million who care enough to even speak up. The numbers are on the politicians' side.

The people who are lamenting the accelerating downfall and imminent demise of this country don't seem to understand the real reason that it is happening so quickly now: Obama has shown the politicians that they have carte blanche and that no one is able to stop them because of the apathy of the vast majority of this country.

And that apathy was no accident. It has been instilled over decades. The GOPe should really thank their Democrat cronies for that. They are at least in the game of musical chairs that is going on, and have a pretty good chance of a seat when the music stops and this country finally collapses.

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