Friday, June 03, 2016

Skating Away

I agree with most of what Donald Trump says. It all sounds great! And I love the fact that he's poking the elitist establishment - both Democrat and Republican - through the bars of their cages with a sharp stick. Calling an MSM reporter a "sleaze" brought a grin to my face.

The problem is that I don't believe a word of what he's saying.

If he's elected, there will be no wall built. There will be some small efforts at stemming the tide of illegals that he will tout as "Yuge!" successes. Similarly, he'll make some small changes to our trade deals and that will be the end of that. He'll tinker around the edges of the tax code and call it "reform". Same with healthcare "reform" and getting rid of Obamacare.

You see, the fact that he hasn't actually held an office doesn't make him any less of a politician. And, like all politicians, he lies. A lot.

Hillary lies to get what she wants, to make herself look better and, mostly, to cover up her wrongdoing. And when caught, she lies about her lies. She is a pathological liar. She lies even when the truth wouldn't do her any harm.

Trump, on the other hand, is lying about who he is and what he will do if elected. He is lying the same way that an actor "lies": He's playing a part. The Part of "Hardass Conservative". Do you think that it's a coincidence that this guy, who has shown many, many Liberal tendencies in the past, is now saying everything that the people labeled "extreme right" (of which I am a proud member) want to hear? Everything.

It's like Trump spent a year studying Conservatives in the same way that an actor studies for a part. If a character like Trump were in a Hollywood movie, we Conservatives would roll our eyes and say, "There goes Hollywood and their Conservative stereotyping, again". Instead, millions of Conservatives, so desperate for a presidential candidate that isn't an establishment RINO, have willingly suspended their disbelief and embraced a guy who, until very recently, showed very few Conservative bona-fides.

I understand why it happened. I'm just saddened that so many of my fellow Conservatives would actually fall for this shtick. I figured that they were more grounded and able to see through a scam than Obama's supporters were in 2008. Because, other than the political ideology, it's the same play now that we saw back then.

When/if Trump gets to Washington, it will be like the scene in Braveheart where the Irish are on the battlefield, sprinting towards each other, screaming their scariest battle cries and then, suddenly, stop and embrace each other.

Trump will get to Washington and, suddenly, all of the rhetoric against the establishment will be forgotten. He will immediately begin making "great" "wonderful" deals with Ryan and McConnell and whomever the Democrats have in their leadership roles.

All of these cult-of-personality Trump fanatics who think that Trump will shake things up in DC are going to be extremely disappointed when he gets to Washington and does little or nothing about all of the issues that he's now using to whip them into a frenzy. Like every other politician.

I just wonder how they'll react. I'm hoping that these Conservatives are real enough to admit that they were wrong and not - like the Obamabots - ooh and ahh over the Emperor's wonderful fashion sense for his entire term.

Well, do you ever get the feeling
That the story's too damn real
And in the present tense?

Or that everybody's on the stage
And it seems like you're the only person
Sitting in the audience?
- Jethro Tull

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