Saturday, April 30, 2016

Regressives Don't Progress

In discussions about Bernie Sanders and Socialism, I keep hearing people bring up the examples of Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. and how those Socialist countries are economic powerhouses and cradle-to-grave welfare paradises.

Well, not withstanding the fact that those countries are on the fast road to collapse at the moment, I think that those are the wrong countries to be using as examples. Take a look at our current Democrat Party and I'm pretty sure that their Socialist paradises would look more like The Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, etc.

Does anyone have any doubt that those on the Left in this country would have any hesitation whatsoever to round up their political enemies and ship them to camps in boxcars? Or just murder them outright?

From Black Lives Matter to Code Pink to the Gaystapo, these people have no problem whatsoever with destroying the lives of those who disagree with them. Does anyone believe that these cretins wouldn't be willing to take the next step and eliminate their enemies entirely?

They are vicious, hateful and vindictive. They are raging, emotional children who throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way. They are picked-on misfits who hate the human race - themselves included.

If the Leftist slide is allowed to continue, we won't resemble Finland. We'll resemble The Soviet Union during the purges.

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