Friday, April 08, 2016

Fair Trade

The Leftists are always talking about how concerned they are about the plight of poor Mexicans. The Leftists believe that we should let every Mexican who wants to come here in to the United States so that they can better their lives.

I say let the Commie bastards walk the walk. Put their money where their ridiculously big mouths are.

For every Mexican who wants to live in the United States, we'll exchange one Leftist with Mexico. Mexico can get rid of their poor, we can get rid of the Leftists who are ruining our country. Win-win.

But, of course, the Lefties aren't that concerned about poor Mexicans. Or concerned at all, really. Their "concern", as always, is just moral posturing. They really don't give a single shit about poor Mexicans - other than their voting potential.

Making any sort of sacrifice for their "beliefs" is out of the question.

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