Sunday, August 09, 2015

The New Democrat Man

For the second time, Bernie Sanders has had a campaign rally hijacked by the thugs of Black Lives Matter (In Certain Circumstances).

He stood meekly in the background and let them completely take over. At one point he apparently tried to walk back to the podium but was blocked, so he immediately turned around and went back to silently standing in the background.

This wasn't some large group of "scary" Black Panthers. This was three or four loudmouthed ingrates who managed to take over the rally of a "man" who wants to be the most powerful man in the world

And, judging from the pictures, they were the only black people there.

My first thought was, "Bad campaign move. Nobody's going to want to vote for someone this wimpy."

And then it occurred to me that this is exactly the kind of "man" that the new Democrat Party is likely to vote for. To them, a pussy like this is their ideal man. Terrified of offending anyone - except Conservatives.

Be proud, Democrats. Be proud.

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