Friday, August 28, 2015

The Level of Incompetence is Mind-boggling

I had had enough of the Republican Party as a whole more than two years ago. I wasn't alone, and many had given up on the GOP well before I had.

And now Frank Luntz, GOP pollster extraordinaire, is shocked...shocked! the level of animus towards the Republican party by their own, supposed, base!

I've never been involved in one of his polls but, apparently, the basic question, "What do you think of the GOP?" was never one of the questions. Because I - and millions like me - would have been happy to tell the pollsters that our opinion of the Republican Party was only very slightly higher than our opinion of the Democrat Party.

These GOP consultants are very well paid to gauge the mood of the country - and the mood of those in their very own party. And they failed. Not only did they fail, but they are years behind the curve!

These "professionals" had absolutely no idea that their entire base was in revolt! Their. Entire. Base. And they didn't even know it! That is a breathtaking level of incompetence. That is beyond Dilbertland.

The GOPE are so insulated from reality by their Rasputin-like consultants that they actually believe that they're doing what their base wants. They are like the classic, fictional King who is placed under a spell and is having destructive suggestions whispered in his ear by his "advisor".

This may, finally, scare them enough to change their tune. If so, expect the "fail theater" to be ramped up to 11. But it will be meaningless, because their paymasters will not let them do the right thing. Expect it to get noisy, but it will truly be a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Least of all, real change.

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