Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pathetically Hilarious

Obama is so screwed.

If he doesn't please the 10% of Marxist fanatic voters who got him elected he's screwed.

If he goes against the 90% of the real American population that disagrees with those Marxists, he's screwed.

He relied upon a group of complete, left-wing fanatics to get himself elected. They don't have the mental acuity to realize that, sometimes, compromise is necessary. Especially when your party has just been devastated in an off-year election. Like the six-year-olds that they are, they want what they want. Thinking ahead is far too adult for their tiny little minds.

I don't know which I'm enjoying more: these Lefty children throwing a tantrum because their unrealistic expectations aren't being met, or Obama's deer-in-the-headlights cluelessness now that he has lost most of his power.

And the new "Tea Party" Congress isn't even here yet.

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