Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Live!!!

To all of you who have written me lately wondering whether I'm still alive, I assure you that I am.

Unfortunately, my personal life has become so complicated and busy that I have little time to pay attention to politics and even less time to blog. While I believe that the political health of this country is probably more important than it has ever been, the prospect of reuniting my family trumps that consideration. Besides, you people can do it just as well as I can, and usually better.

To those of you who care, the reconciliation process between my ex-wife and I seems to be going better than it was, but there are still things to be worked out, and we're taking it slowly, because to do otherwise would make the whole endeavor futile.

Princess, Bob, Echo, UAW Guy, and the rest...thanks for checking in. It means a lot. Your prayers are welcome.

I'm sure that I'll be back one day. Hopefully soon, but my family and my personal life will always take precedence over whatever I think about politics.

Rant at ya soon,

-The Exile


  1. Sweet!! Thanks for letting us know you are OK!

    Get back here and when you do I will teach you how to deal with trolls.

    It doesn't have to be a poliblog, ya know? BWH never writes anything political and he has all the trolls a guy could ever want!

  2. Thanks, lady. I'm more than OK...I'm better than I have been in many years.

    Teach me how to deal with Trolls? Have you forgotten that I'm the one that started my own "trophy room" blog because I attracted the real nutjob trolls? Teach me what you will, though. I don't know everything.

    I can't see doing a "personal" blog. My life isn't that interesting, and the parts of it that are, I don't care to share.

    You and BWH take care. I'll do my damndest to keep in touch one way or the other.

  3. We've missed you. Thanks for checking in!! Understand about the personal life and very glad that things are going well.

    We'll be happy to have ya back when time allows. Many prayers are rising for ya :-)!!

  4. Great news. We'll keep the blog fires burning till you get back.

  5. Lets just say Haloscan is oodles and gobs of fun when it comes to trolls. You can change their comments and make them say what you want. Its pretty darn fun!

    Anyway, it doesn't have to be a personal blog either...I guess you could just read the rest of us and comment your butt off. Laugh at the trolls.

    And if you feeel like writing something you could guest post on Quid Novi any old time.

  6. Haloscan is cool.
    (Yeh, I left a comment on that one too.)

    Be well.
    And don't be a stranger, time permitting, of course...


  7. Exile...Good to see you alive. I hope all is well.

    Just took sometime off myself, but now, my anger has to be channeled some how better than at the lady friend. lol

    Come back soon..

  8. Darn spammers hit while you're gone! Cowards.
    Anyway, good luck. I can understand not blogging with all that going on. Glad you're okay!

  9. Uhhh...when you're back that usually means you post stuff! ;)

  10. Hey, good luck and all. Hope things go well with your family.

  11. The Lizard Queen with increase her taxathon. Abortion on demand(tax funded), tax funded child care, I'll bet a man tax, to tax men for all the beating of women that men and lesbians, beat women half to death.

  12. You live? Wonderful!

    I've been out of touch too. Computer died! I reincarnated it though, and now it's doing fine. Thanks for asking. :) (I know you didn't, but hey, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt!)

    Echotig is exactly right, BWH has trolls. Echo has had trolls. Everyone has trolls. They are like a disease of the internet, but we know how to deal with them, don't we Echo? :)

    Congratulations on getting things straightened out in your personal life. It is way more important than politics. You are a cool guy. Take care!

  13. You still have my prayers.