Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Would You Put It Past Her?

If I were Bill Clinton, I'd be sleeping with one eye open and watching my back at all times.

Can you imagine the "sympathy vote" that Hillary would gain if Bill were to suddenly drop dead sometime before November?

Hillary and Bill don't even like each other. They've just used each other to advance their political careers. And now that Bill has become something of a liability on the campaign trail, both because of his sexual peccadilloes past and present and because he seems to be a bumbling old fool now, Hillary may just think that the best way to use Bill one last time would be to use his "unexpected" death as a ploy to suck up the huge amounts of sympathy that would be forthcoming.

An added benefit would be that it would seem incredibly boorish to bring up his sexual harassment and rapey history once the guy is dead. The MSM would go into hyper-shaming mode against anyone who uttered a word about his past.

The woman is a psychopath, plain and simple. I can certainly see her doing something like this.

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