Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Faith No More

For many years, whenever someone would make what they believed was the profound statement, "There is no difference between the two parties", I would correct them and point out the obvious (to those who actually paid attention to politics) differences between the Democrat and Republican parties.

I quit correcting them a few years ago because, while there were still differences, they were differences only in methods, not ideology.

Now I can't even say that. Even their ideology is the same: Power at all costs! Integrity be damned!

Marxo Rubio using lies to frame Ted Cruz as a liar shows just how far gone the GOPE is. I could see it coming from Donald Trump who will say whatever is needed at that particular moment to get ahead.

What is sad is that I could also see Hillary doing the same thing.

When the Republican establishment's Golden Boy uses the same sleazy tactics as the most corrupt Democrat to attack his opponent, it just shows that all differences between the parties have vanished and that they will say and do whatever they believe is necessary to acquire power.

However, if Rubio or Trump end up being the nominee, I won't stay home on election day. I will go vote just so that I can write "Ted Cruz" in the slot for President of the United States of America.

I have no second choice.

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