Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Straw That Broke the Elephant's Back

For the past few years, the Republican party has been hanging on to my loyalty by a thread. That thread just snapped.

John Boehner and the Republican establishment in the House are punishing their fellow representatives for representing the wishes of their constituents and voting against Boehner for Speaker of the House. In other words, the GOP elite are punishing fellow Republicans for keeping their campaign promises.

I would expect that kind of behavior from the Democrats - or any other Communist political organization - but to see it happen, again, in the political party that I have backed for 30 years is just too much.

Unless Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin move to Minnesota, I refuse to ever vote for another Republican.

It was great when Michele Bachman was my Representative. There was no sense of "holding my nose" when I voted for her. But redistricting screwed that up for me and gave me the choice to vote for the squish, Eric Paulson, who will do anything and everything that Boehner tells him to do (last November I wrote in Chris McDaniel instead of voting for the fool Paulson. Yeah, I know he was running for the Senate, but message sent).

And, speaking of Michele Bachman, her replacement, Tom Emmer, lost no time in adapting to Washington and voting for Boehner. That really does disappoint me. Emmer used to be on a morning radio show on KTLK in Minneapolis/St. Paul. He constantly aligned himself with the Tea Party and railed against the GOP establishment. He talked a good game, but the very first thing that he did in the House was to abandon the Tea Party and vote for Boehner. Pure bullshit.

So now I work against both parties and hope that someone with some name recognition will finally abandon the Republican party and start the Conservative party.

Now is the time.

In the mid-1800's the Republican Party was formed because of dissatisfaction with the Whig party. The Whig party was destroyed forever.

Here's some irony for you: the Republican true-believers, whose party was formed as a third party, are now telling us that a third party is not the way to change the system.

I'm sure that the Whigs were saying the same thing in 1850.

A pox on all of their houses.

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