Friday, October 18, 2013

Fooled Themselves Again

By refusing to allow Republicans to delay Obamacare, Obama and his Congressional minions may have just painted themselves into a corner: They now have no choice but to let Obamacare continue, no matter how badly it explodes in their faces.

The websites don't work and probably never will work without a major overhaul, which will take a long time. But people will begin getting fined for not having health care coverage before it's fixed. And that's only the immediate problem. Many more will surface as time goes on.

The best option would be to acknowledge that it isn't ready and delay it. But now they can't do that without being hugely embarrassed and acknowledging that they were just trying to damage Republicans during the shutdown. In other words, they'd have to acknowledge that they were playing political games with real people's lives.

But, if they do decide to delay it, they know that their fellow Leftist lapdogs in the media will cover for them by endlessly repeating their ridiculous justifications, which will amount to, "But this is different!"

Just like the children that they are.

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