Thursday, January 17, 2013

Whose Side Are They On?

Very interesting article. A small, informal poll of some law enforcement officers and veterans regarding Obama ordering the confiscation of firearms.

I've always said that, when the Left planned for their little "revolution", they made one big mistake: the vast majority of people who like guns, own guns and know anything about guns despise the Leftist commies.

Hard to have a revolution if you have no one to fight for you. The Occupy Wall Street kids would be their best bet, and can you imagine those spoiled dopes trying to fight veterans, hunters and former law enforcement officers?*

The author does make one very important point at the end of the article, however. Could the Left's plan be to foment civil war and then call in UN troops to quell it?

Well, from what I've seen of the UN troops, they wouldn't be much more of a threat than the OWS kids. Unless, of course they hope to win by running prostitution rings and taking bribes. I've never actually seen them fire a shot in anger. Usually, when the bullets start flying, they run and hide.

Pretty sure they wouldn't have the stomach to fight 100 million pissed off Americans with 300 million guns. Our reputation precedes us.

*I say "former" LEO's because I doubt there are many that would consider their paycheck worth the risk of going into home after home of armed citizens, day after day. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that your ticket is going to be punched real fast. Not to mention the fact that most of them - sworn to uphold the law - are not going to care for directly violating the 2nd Amendment.

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