Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time to Stop the Enabling

When dealing with addicts of any type, there is a term that is often heard: Enabling.

When you help an addict or a drunk solve the problems that result from their bad behavior (i.e. bailing them out of jail, "loaning" them money, etc.) you are doing nothing more than prolonging their suffering. You are "enabling" them to continue their destructive behavior. If it's done long enough, it often results in that persons death.

Since 1988, when Ronald Reagan left office, most of us have "held our noses" and voted for people who were not Conservatives. And, not coincidentally, the Republican Party has slid farther and farther to the Left. To the point where the Republican Party is on the verge of officially nominating a man who has again and again and again betrayed the principles that were the hallmarks of the Republican party.

When the Republicans were given power in 1994 they started off well, but slowly-but-surely they became addicted to the lure of money and power until the year 2000 when many of us, with some trepidation, voted for George W. Bush. After that, with absolute power, their death-spiral of addictive behavior accelerated - as it always does with addicts. And, also as with addicts, their behavior became more and more destructive; not just to themselves (via their morals and integrity), but to others - in this case the entire country.

In other words, those of us who have "held our noses" and voted for Bush I, Bob Dole, and Bush II (not to mention many other Senators and Congressmen) have been enabling the destructive behavior of these liberal Republicans. To the point where there is a very real danger to the very country that we live in.

There is another term in the treatment of addicts that comes in handy here: Rock-bottom.

Most addicts will only get help when they have hit rock-bottom. When they have lost everything that they care about and their lives are an absolute disaster.

And when you enable an addict you never let them get to that rock bottom. You keep them from hitting that place where they have to decide whether they want to change their behavior or die.

It's always very, very hard to do, but the most loving thing that you can do for someone in that situation is to take away all of the support that you've been giving them and let them crash and burn - praying that the fall doesn't kill them.

And now it's time to quit holding our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils. When we have reached the point of nominating a Republican who has voted like a Liberal Democrat for years and stabbed the very people who supported him in the back time and time again (another hallmark of addictive behavior), it's obvious that we're no longer helping the Republican party by enabling their bad behavior. It's time to let them hit bottom.

I will not vote for John McCain. Not for so much as dog-catcher. He is a symptom of the disease of Liberalism which has infected the Republican party. Like alcoholism, it's a chronic, progressive (heh) disease and it will only get worse if allowed to do so.

Nor will I vote for Senator Norm Coleman. In his run against the presumed Democrat nominee, Al Franken, the two have become almost indistinguishable (except that, as far as I know, Coleman pays his taxes before he advocates raising them on the rest of us).

For now, at least, I wash my hands of the Republican Party. It's time to let them sink or swim. If we continue to support them, they will never hit bottom and be forced to decide on a new course.

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