Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 10 Reasons the Left Hates Ann Coulter

10. She's tougher than they are - both their "men" and their women.

9. She points out their faults - they hate that.

8. She looks better in a dress than they do - both their "men" and their women.

7. She's smarter and more clever than they are - and not afraid to rub it in.

6. She has fun poking them with sticks through the bars of their cages.

5. She's not the least bit intimidated by them.

4. She sneers at them.

3. She makes fun of them.

2. She ridicules them.

1. She right about them.

Ann Coulter embodies the people that tormented those who have become Liberals all through their lives. She brings back the unbearable memories of having their self-esteem devastated all through their formative years (why do you think that they're so obsessed with self-esteem in the government schools today?).

Ann Coulter is like an unquiet ghost from their past that endlessly haunts them.

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